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It was actually several years ago I created a YouTube channel. I think I had only 1 
"Christian" video on it for these many years. Writing this now, June 2019, as of last year, I believe, I started making videos, but they were "desktop" videos, where I just captured the computer desktop, and use those images with my voice, to make videos. These "first" videos, were of me mostly reiterating the content from my webpages, sometimes combining more than one page, but skipping some content, to make it more condensed. I also started adding content from my blog:

But lately, I have been making full fledged videos with my laptop.

Currently, I am only posting them on YouTube, but may find and use a backup channel elsewhere, if YouTube shuts down or shuts me down. Here is the link to my YouTube channel:

gospel-kingdom website YouTube channel

You will find the videos posted here as well, but they may not appear here as fast as I make them. The videos will be on the right, and their title and description on the left.

Please subscribe, but more importantly, feel free to share the videos.

The 2 & a Half Tribes & Believing vs. Being Born Again pages combined into one video

Watchman: Names of God (1st version)

Watchman: Names of God (2nd version)

Watchman: Lost books of the Bible

About Me
(a short video about me & my website)

Watchman: Baptism into the Cloud, Tenets of Faith, New Wine Skin Doctrine of Baptisms,  & Foundational Principles of Christ webpages

The Latter Rain & the Watchmen

Corrupted bloodlines?
(from my UFO's & Aliens page)

The Latter Rain, The Book of Acts, and The Tribulation (remake/part 2)

Rightly Dividing / Hyperdispensationalism

How to know you are walking in God's ways.

The Coming Delusion & The False Prophet

The Testimony of my Life: the major details of God's work in my life

Are We in the End Times?

The Winepress Judgment (based on several webpages: The Kingdom, Outer DarknessWedding GarmentResurrections)

The Winepress Judgment: Questions & Answers (Part 2)

Can You Lose Salvation? Discussing Once Saved Always Saved
(based on the page: The Unforgivable Sin and Concerning OSAS)

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